Gear and Equipment for Walking the WHW

The completion of the West Highland Way is dependent on you being properly kitted out. The kit you’ll need depends on whether you’ll be totally self sufficient and camping all the way, or in total luxury with only  day pack to carry and your transport and food all taken care of.

However you’ll be completing the West Highland Way, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the proper kit for summer hill walking. We’ll be publishing a run-down here soon, but our sister site – Mud and Routes – have a complete summer hill walking kit list that you can look over.

Those of you who are camping will need to check out our article on Camping the West Highland Way to start with – but we recommend checking out the Wild Camping section on Mud and Routes for a much more thorough run down of the skills and equipment than we can go into here. We will be publishing a run-down of the equipment here as well as articles on how to avoid the main mistakes by WHW walkers. Reducing your pack weight is one essential, as is ensuring you’ve got proper boots and socks to avoid getting blisters.

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