Forget Me and Request your Data

Posted on August 16, 2019

Forget Me and Request your Data

The new GDPR legislation requires that we provide a way for users to be able to delete the data we store about them, or to be able to access the data we store on them.

The form at THIS LINK should only be filled in if you want us to delete ALL your data. Note that business listings added on Walk up Snowdon can be deleted individually without deleting your account. As we store all user data on Mud and Routes, you will need to log in to that site in order to request an account deletion. This is in order to ensure that you and only you can request an account deletion.

To view the data we hold on you, you can currently access your own user profile in order to see what data is held – we hold no other information other than that needed for you to log into the site and authenticate yourself.

We intend to add a fully automated process to allow all users to delete their data, as well as downloading all their data on request before the legislation becomes law.

You can download all the data held on you by Walk the WHW here.